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Real estate intermediares and credit mediators: the franchising of Tecnocasa Group.

Tecnocasa group  was founded in 1986 as  a franchised network of real estate intermediaries, and was later coupled with a network of credit mediators, become nowadays a company of credit intermediation operating in the whole italian territory through its collaborators.

The Growth of Tecnocasa Group

Through the creation of network trademarks (in real real estate intermediation and credit mediator consulting) and mutually-supportive  business division, the Tecnocasa Group has grown steadily in terms and numbers and organization sophistication.          It has succeeded in identifying new work opportunities in untapped market niches from a variety of real estate-related sectors.

Today Tecnocasa Group enjoys a strong but flexible framework that permits smooth and productive interchanges between interraleted business area . In addition to producing value for the group itself, this strategic approach proved most beneficial for clients seeking real estate intermediation and/or credit mediator consulting services.

Tecnocasa Group is in 12 counties with 2.633 Franchisees.